NIE Network of Industrial Economists
University of Nottingham

5. Doctoral Student Colloquium

The NIE Colloquium will take place Friday 26 June 2015, 10-4 pm, at Nottingham University Business School (North Building), Economics and Finance Division, Jubilee Campus, The University of Nottingham.

Please see directions to the Jubilee Campus and the Jubilee Campus Map.

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Friday, 26 June 2015
09:30-10:00 Registration
PG Atrium
10:00-10:15 Welcome
Room: C76

International Trade

Room: C76

Chair: Daniel McGowan

Enrico Vanino: "Anti-dumping measures on Chinese products - A curse or blessing for European firms?"
Discussant: Unmut Senalp


Unmut Senalp: "Self-selection to export: Understanding the the evidence and impact on increasing marginal costs"
Discussant: Mustapa Douch

Mustapha Douch:  "Productivity dynamics, short and long-run effects of agglomeration externalities"
Discussant: Enrico Nanino

11:30-11:50 Coffee Break
PG Atrium

Corporate behaviour

Room C76
Chair: Hang Le

Yijun Meng: "Do independent directors improve firm performance in China?"
Discussant: Natalie J. Moore

Natalie Moore: "Do we really put our money where our mouth is? The ethics of aware consumers: An incentivised discrete choice experiment"

Discussant: Yinjun Meng



Room A75
Chair: David Paton

Nils Gutacker: "Do patients choose hospitals that improve their health?"
Discussant: Carsten J. Crede

Carsten J. Crede: "A structural break cartel screen from dating and detecting collusion"
Discussant: Nils Gutacker

12:40-13:30 Lunch
PG Atrium

Vertical structure

Room C76

Chair: Monica Giuletti

Liang Lu: "A comparison of wholesale structure and the agency structure in differentiated markets"
Discussant: Guillem Ordóñez-Calafí

Tien-Der Han : "Social efficiency of entry in a successive oligopoly: The implications of foreign competitors"

Discussant: Liang Lu

Guillem Ordóñez-Calafí: "Competing under financial constraints"
Discussant: Tien-Der Han


Innovation, quality and delegation

Room A75

Chair: Arijit Mukherjee

David T. Angenendt: "The role of firm size in choice and enforcement of patent protection"
Discussant: Sneha Gaddam

Sneha Gaddam : "Delegation of authority in non-contractible cost settings"

Discussant: Jittinan Apinyanon

Jittinan Apinyanon: "Infrastructure sharing in telecommunications"
Discussant: David T. Angenendt


Coffee Break

PG Atrium

15:00-15:50 Energy and utility


Chair: Giuliana Battisti

Andrew Burlinson: "Consumer adoption of energy efficient technologies: Evidence from a UK district heating scheme"

Discussant: Alexander D. Stead

Alexander D. Stead: "Regulation and the efficiency of UK water and sewage companies"

Discussant: Andrew Burlinson




Concluding Remarks 


Awarding the prize for the best empirical paper sponsored by the Business and Industrial Section of the Royal Statistical Society.